Legally Certified Aerial Video, Cinematography, and Photography Services From Five Element Productions

Achieving that impossible shot that you have always dreamed of just became a step closer with our new Aerial Filming, Cinematography, and Photography services!

For years most aerial filming has been out of reach for all but the most expensive of productions. However now that cameras are smaller and lighter, as well as motor and battery technology moving on at an exponential rate, aerial filming is now within reach of everyone.

Filming commercially in the UK from a UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle), or Drone as they are sometimes known, is regulated by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). All UAV pilots who fly for commercial filming or photographic purposes must be certified to fly by them in order to be legal. We only use operators who are CAA BNUC-S™ certified and insured.

This opens up a whole new set of possibilities for your video productions. From grand sweeping vistas, holiday resort photography and filming for the tourist and outdoors equipment industry, through to site surveying for construction firms and archeology surveys.

UAV's are not just restricted to filming outdoors, however! Incredible dramatic shots can be obtained indoors, too. With the ultra stable flight characteristics of modern UAV's it is now possible to film factory and building tours from flowing perspectives that used to require the time consuming setup of cranes, jibs, and Steadicam.

We are excited to be able to offer this service to you either as part of our extensive and experienced end-to-end Video Production services, or on an individual shot basis so that your next Video Production or brochure stands apart from the crowd.

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