What to look for when hiring a Video Production Company

I have to confess that articles such as this can seem rather self serving. After all, companies such as Five Element exist to attract your business. However there are a few things that are a good idea to consider when hiring a Video Production Company to produce a video for you.


One of the obvious things to do is to look at the videos that the company produces. But your examination should not stop there because you need to look beyond the pizazz! Most Video Production firms can produce a great looking show reel, with dazzling computer graphics animations, big sweeping cinematic vistas and the like, but this does not really tell the whole story of whether a company may be any good or not. Showreels can only go so far because most of the shots are cherry picked.

The meat is in how final videos are put together as a whole, and for the types of budget. A great looking video is not neccesrily a well performing one. While you should expect a professional Video Production Company to put together a great looking video by default you should also be looking at how well those videos deliver the intended message. Sometimes a company can get too carried away with their animation or cinematography skills and the message gets diluted as a result. So it is always worth looking at the full length videos on a company's website.


Experience is another thing to look for. The people behind Five Element have going on 20 years of experience producing videos of all kinds. While there are companies out there which are much younger and producing fantastic looking content, do they understand your company and the message you want to deliver? Can they deliver that message effectively?

On a much more important and practical level, do you like the people who you are dealing with at the company, and how well do they intepret your briefs, ideas, and concepts? Will they speak out and let you know when something might not work as intended? As a video producers we are being hired for our expertise and knowledge as much as, if not more so, than we are for our practical production abilities.


A large Production Company a lot of staff is not necceserily a blessing! Quite often this means a daily rate that has to cover a lot of overheads. Five Element is small Video Production Company and able to adapt. We won't charge for what you don't require. We have a network of specialist experts in all sorts of areas that we can call upon for specialist requirements, skills, and crewing. We can be as big or as small as you need us to be! This means that we can handle the smallest projects, or the largest, and we can adapt as needed.


It is very tempting to go with the least expensive option, however this could be a mistake. Some companies who offer ultra low rates are often new to the business and lack experience. This could be costly in the long run, not least because they may be underquoting with a potential sting in the tail later on down the line. Five Element are not the least expensive Video Production Company, but our rates are very competitive.

Do they understand you?

Does the company understand you? Five Element prides itself on taking the time to get to know your company so that we can fully understand your needs. This factor also goes back to budgets, because by better understanding what you really need we can tailor your Video Production requirements much more accurately.