Why use video? Part 2

More on the why's and wherefore's of commissioning a video production.

In the previous part of "Why Use Video?" we showed you a video that we are now featuring on the front page of this website that contains many facts about the advantages of using video production in an entertaining way.

As a company you may be concerned about the ROI of having a video produced. However the results of multitudes of research that has been done by both universities, polling groups, and sources such as Forbes are pretty clear. Video works as a primary tool for communicating with your clients and customers in a way that simply using text based material simply cannot compete with.

The astute amongst you may find a certain irony in the fact that this blog entry is being written in, well, text! This highlights another factor in that text and print based media is still important in your marketing. Video is fantastic for illustrating complex concepts in easy to understand, bite sized chunks. While text can work in conjunction with it to really drill down detail should a prospect want to discover more. Research shows that most people prefer online videos to be 2 minutes in length or less, and so text still has an important role of reinforcing or expanding on the video once the viewer has been drawn in to investigate further.

Using video production in your business could be transformational in getting across your message and enticing your prospective customers in.

The increasing importance of video

Video is set to be huge in 2015, and more than ever it is becoming an essential area of marketing rather than an optional add on. Video should be integral to your strategy. Of course we would say this because we want to sell you our services! You've got us bang to rights! However when you consider that YouTube is now the second most popular search engine to Google, the importance of having a video presence is clearer than ever. But it must be done in the right way. After all, why go to all the trouble and expense of producing nice looking brochures and websites if the video looks amateur or doesn't convey the message very well?

Having a video produced for your company is a medium to long term investment. The videos you produce will work to gain you customers, increase productivity, and save training costs as long as your product, service, or company policy remains in place. This means that the video could be making or saving you money many years down the line. This is why we always say that a video doesn't cost money to make, because a video should either make you more money, or save you more money than the cost of production. It is simply a matter of setting the budget correctly so that you can obtain the ROI percentages that you require to make it worthwhile.